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Fic: Echo (4/4)

Title: Echo (4/4)
Author: lilac28
Pairing: Rorschach/Nite Owl
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I wish I could write something as amazing as Watchmen. Sadly I did not.
Notes: Slight AU, where everyone thought Crimebusters was a swell idea. Pre-Roche Rorschach so sure he's quiet and grim, but he still has all the buttons on his over-coat.
Summary: Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme that I can't find anymore. Through a bizarre encounter, Nite Owl and Rorschach switch bodies. While struggling to right the situation, Dan learns a few things about his partner.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Dan flew Archie to the apartment of one Edgar Jacobi; the man Rorschach claimed was the mild-mannered alter ego of Moloch.

During the trip, Dan learned of the advantages of being fully encased in latex and layers. He could remain neutral, only the strongest emotions betrayed by body language. He could be sneaky, surreptitiously eyeing his partner from behind the mask.

Rorschach, however, was clearly uncomfortable. Naked without the mask, he seemed to be struggling to remain still in the owl suit, hands wringing and relaxing in quick succession. Every so often he would steal a glance over at Dan, only to cast his eyes downward in the next moment, as if remembering that Dan could see much more of his face now. Even with the goggles, half a mask was still too revealing for Rorschach.

It went without saying that despite any relief that either of them felt at finding each other, conversation in this cramped, naked moment was not to be attempted.

After what felt like a grinding eternity they reached the building in question. Dan set Archie down on the roof as easily as he could. Alerting anyone to their presence would ruin the element of surprise, the best advantage one could have when dealing with a slippery character like Moloch.

Larger body and all, Rorschach still managed to float down the fire escape before kicking in a window on one of the top floors. Dan followed with a cringe. So much for the element of surprise.

Not that it mattered. The apartment of Edgar Jacobi was dark and empty.

"Are you sure this is it?"

The living room was non-descript at best. Dan had always imagined Moloch's true living quarters to contain a lot more leather furniture. Unlike the underground vice-den, it didn't even smell like cigars or incense.

"This is it."

A cursory check of the few rooms revealed little beyond the basic necessities. Dan struggled to remain sharp, to not let his now-hidden eyes wander to the obvious junction of spandex and owl armor. Wow, those lines really do draw your eye right in, don't they? Didn't really seem so indecent when I was designing it...

"Nite Owl?"


"I need you to do something for me."


"Get in the refrigerator."

A full five silent seconds ticked by before Dan responded. "You're kidding."

"No. Get in the refrigerator."


"Element of surprise. Always works. Also, I think you're sweating. Looks unpleasant. Should cool down."

"That's ridiculous, Rorschach. I wouldn't even fit in there, and besides-"

The rattle of keys in a lock and the turning of a doorknob sent the two vigilantes scattering for cover. They both ducked out of sight as Moloch, sans turban, and three suited men walked through the door. Bodyguards, if one was to guess from their wrestler-like statures.

Bodyguards who were no match for two well-trained, urgent vigilantes. The need for answers lent them a desperate power, and the three men were overpowered and knocked unconscious before they could react. A purple glove tightening on his collar stopped Moloch’s attempt at flight.

Dan threw him to the floor and fell back on the classic Rorschach maneuver of pinning the criminal's hand behind his back at a painful angle.

Moloch whimpered. "Oh God, please. Please, this must be a mistake! You have the wrong person...."

"No," Rorschach stooped to growl at their captive, leaning over Dan's shoulder in the process. Too close. "Edgar William Jacobi, also known as Edgar William Vaughn, also known as William Edgar Bright, also known as Moloch."

"I...I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a businessman...AAAA!"

A slender pinky finger snapped in Dan's hand before he even thought twice about it. They didn't have time for this. Didn't have time for lies or games or compromises. Anything, at this point, to get answers. Authority didn't scare Moloch, but pain scared everybody. It was simply a matter of how much.

"A businessman who wears eyeliner? You're lying," Dan spat, "Do it again and I'll break your arm. I'm not joking."

"Okay! Okay, just, don't...you guys are gonna take me in? I demand legal counsel!"

Rorschach grabbed one of his pointy ears. "Listen, last night you did something to us. Switched us."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"The crystal," Dan said. "Something in Latin and a glowing crystal. We woke up in each other's bodies. What did you do to us and how the hell do we go back?"

"You mean, you mean it actually worked!?" Moloch's face grew intent, fascination taking the edge off his pain. "You two disappeared and...I wasn't sure. You switched bodies? It was real?" He dissolved into hysterical giggles. "It really worked?"

Fury tightened Dan's throat. "Yes. Whatever the fuck you did really worked. We need you to undo it. Now."

Moloch only laughed harder. "I can’t! It's..." he was gasping for air, "it's....gone!"

Dan grabbed another finger. "The crystal? Where is it?"

The pressure on his aching hand brought a sliver of fear back to the magician's face. "Look...look, I don't know. It was on loan. The buyer who paid me to steal it came to collect it last night at 2 AM. It had some old history to it, old folklore. I've been hearing rumors that Manhattan's been asked to come find me. I figured since you can't shoot or bribe the guy, maybe I'd start looking at different....avenues of fighting him."

"Who is this buyer? How do we find him?"

"It was one of the Carmine brothers. Their plane left this morning, probably halfway around the world by now. You might want to get used to that outfit, Owl Man, because finding them is not going to be easy. After all they must be baaad men, if even I didn't try to con them."

"How do we know you're not conning us right now?"

Moloch twisted his head, catching Dan's faceless mask with a gaze that oozed pure confidence. "Search this place. Search everything I own, every building in town. You won't find it."

Rorschach was still impossibly close. "Funny story. Sounds unbelievable. Probably true."


"Tie him up. We're going to tear this place apart."

And tear it apart they did. Every cushion overturned, every nook and cranny examined. Useless. Rorschach grew quieter as Dan grew more and more frustrated. Moloch remained bound in a corner, his shining eyes one of the few parts of him not covered in rope. If he was enjoying the vehement search and destruction of his apartment he wisely kept it to himself.

"Fuck!" Dan finally snapped, hurling a cheap crystal ball into the TV. His anguish was not alleviated by the resultant display of sparks and shattering electronics. It wasn't there. The crystal wasn't there. Not like they'd even know what to do with it if they found it.

"Let's go. Formulate a new plan." Rorschach could only murmur, uncharacteristically dejected.

"Yeah. Right. You," he pointed a finger at Moloch, "are going to sit there tied up until the police arrive. It's over, Moloch."

The magician cackled. "Well it's not over for you, Rorschach. Or should I say Nite Owl? Enjoy your new life a foot shorter!"

Dan's sharp kick ensured Moloch would lay quiet and still until his arrest.

Rorschach led the way back to Archie, making a beeline for the pilot's seat.

"Uh...hey, buddy?"

Rorschach promptly got back up. "Sorry. Sorry, Daniel, just felt like.....that was my seat."

"Yeah." Dan was too shaken at the thought of a permanent body swap to really respond. "Sure."

He started piloting the ship back to the secret entrance to his basement, not knowing what else to do.

Once they returned, the switched superheroes spent thirty-five minutes arguing vehemently in Dan's living room. Rorschach advocated an immediate visit to high-ranking members of the Carmine family; intent on finding out anything he could on the mysterious crystal that had thrown their lives into disarray. Dan, for his part, urged caution.

"You just want to burst in there? Into a well-armed mob mansion? With no surveillance or intelligence? That's a bad fucking idea, Rorschach."

"Have a better one?" Rorschach was practically twitching at this point, inaction driving him to the point of panic. It was written all over his face. All over Dan's face, really. Now twisted and alien with Rorschach's emotions.

"Look, we can't just charge in there." Dan peeled up the mask to his nose, feeling constricted again. "C'mon, man, we're outnumbered, outgunned, and have no information. We've been busting high level criminals a long time, maybe you've forgotten how we do things."

He hadn't meant it to sound so condescending. Yet comfortingly true to Rorschach form, his partner snapped at the insult and moved to seethe an inch from Dan's face.

"Listen, I've had it! Who the hell do you think you are? You want to stop filth but use inefficient methods. Nobody complains because they think you're too Goddamned soft. You know how hard it is, being your friend?"

He towered over Dan, fixing him with an accusatory finger and vicious stare, the words spilling out as though they had been trapped for years.

Dan could only gape, an expression that was no doubt hidden by the mask. Rorschach having a minor meltdown over a difference of strategy was nothing new, although Rorschach swearing and admitting they were friends all in the same sentence was something he had never heard before.

He didn't even have time to formulate a response before Rorschach, in an even more shocking display of behavior, was stumbling to take it back.

"I....look, Daniel, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said all that. Always...always fair in your dealings. I am sorry...that it is sometimes difficult."

Rorschach extended a hand, a hand that trembled slightly as it stretched out. The heat of the previous moment receded, leaving behind a tall, awkward man who was clearly uncomfortable in his own body. The subtle shift of his shoulders, the hard line of soft lips, the wavering of his hand. To Dan, he may as well have been naked. Emotions and body language on display in a way neither of them were used to.

He could almost feel the shiver of uncertainty emanate from his partner. Getting angry, he decided, was pointless. It was almost touching, in a dysfunctional Rorschach kind of way.

Dan reached for the proffered hand. "Rorschach, you're a good friend. I know that. Forget it, it's okay, man. It's okay."

Rorschach's now-larger hand encircled his smaller one, curling them right back into almost the same position they were in a few weeks ago when they had shared a weighted, deafening silence. Dan's heart was back to slamming in his ears, a heavy something in the air between them. Only this time he also had an embarrassing erectile problem to contend with that was bordering on priapism. Oh God, not again!

Rorschach just stared, unable to let go. His lower jaw worked as though he was crunching on imaginary sugar cubes, as though he was attempting to choose his next words.

"Uhhh...." Dan began to sweat underneath the mask. Just fucking spit it out already, Rorschach. He had to get closer, or further away. Or just do anything to break the condemning silence. "Well, anyway, there's.....there's no sense waiting up here any longer. We should, um, figure out our next move."

He extricated his hand, which Rorschach seemed almost loathe to let go, hoping some physical distance between them would cool the prickling heat now radiating through his body. His very fiber was strung taut, shoulders tensed, muscles wound too tight from the inelegant situation. One made so much worse by the sudden lack of room in his pants and Rorschach's muteness.

Down to this, then, the clumsy face-off. On the edge of some sort of release, emotions too hot to articulate. And for the first time in his life, Dan had absolutely no idea what the right thing to do was. Sure, his path had seemed cloudy at times in the past, but he'd always had a guiding intuition for what was right. Logic dictated they should come up with a plan and stop staring like Nelson at a college swim team practice. Yet his mouth was moving under the mask to say something, anything. Something that mattered. Something to simultaneously acknowledge and bury the crushing ache in his chest, the furtive yearning that his enigmatic, strange little fascinating partner always seemed to inspire.

"Heh....well, uh.." Dan's vocal fumbling sounded all wrong in Rorschach's voice. In a desperate attempt to cover what he felt was a blatantly exposed bulge in his pinstriped pants; he jammed his hand in the trench coat pocket. His knuckles rapped something hard. The journal.

He seized the opportunity for a distraction. "Oh, and, I have this. I could keep it in my pocket, but maybe you want to hold on to it."

Rorschach took the journal as though he were being handed a bomb, gazing at it with eyes that were surely critical behind Nite Owl's goggles. He mumbled something. A knot of dread formed in Dan's stomach when he thought he heard the word "naked".

He knows. He has to. "What...what was that?"

"Said never thought I'd be exposed like this. Naked in your clothes."

"Oh, uh, me too, buddy."

"Daniel, you," he hesitated, gesturing half-heartedly towards Dan, "you didn't look. Did you?"

He knows! Ice terror shot through him. Rorschach was a detective, after all. Of course he knew that Dan had undressed him, had washed his body. Of course he had deduced that Dan had jerked off in it. Or he was certainly going to the second they were switched back (if they were ever switched back) and Rorschach found himself more relaxed than he had been in a decade.

Even the most honest man, when faced with an issue of extreme self-preservation, should know when to deny and obfuscate.

"Oh Jesus, Rorschach, what did you expect me to do? I had to shower!" Please don't ask again.

Rorschach just stared at him, jaw obviously clenched. He responded in a low pitch. "I was talking about the journal."

"Oh! No! Heh, no, man. I didn't look." Another lie. Dan felt terrible. He was racking up a lot of moral failings for being in the body of someone who claimed to value morality so highly.

"Daniel, there's something I need to tell you."

Rorschach's confession was cut short when a blue crackle rocked the room, and Dr. Manhattan materialized before them in a state of typical steady detachment. He was lacking what the Comedian referred to as his "little black poor excuse for undies", but so great was Dan's relief that he hardly noticed.

"Jon! Oh thank God."

"Good evening, Nite Owl. Rorschach. Laurie informed me that you needed to speak with me urgently?"

"Yes! We had a kind of...accident. It's, um, a long story."

"I can see that. How is it that you came to be in each other's bodies?"

Both Dan and Rorschach began babbling at once.

"Don't know how it happened."

"It was Moloch. He-"

"Some sort of C.I.A. plot with Russians.."

"He had this magic crystal."

Dr. Manhattan held up a hand, as if his will could cut through the barrage of frantic words. "I don't believe there is such a thing as magic, Nite Owl. Although I'm not surprised that such a switch could exist in what you perceive as matter and dimension. The two of you do, after all, seem to resonate at the same frequency."

Dan struggled to keep his voice even. "Just, please, switch us back. If you can."

"Of course. Try and relax. Your minds will no doubt find this disorienting."

Dan Dreiberg knew, as did anyone who had ever lost someone they loved, how one's life could change in the blink of an eye. Far more infrequent to speak of were the instances where one's life returned to normal in that same split second. Disorienting was an understatement. One moment he was staring up at his own face, there was a crackling arc of electricity, and right before reality snapped back into place, he heard a fleeting voice in his head. One that echoed with a tremulous want. One that was decidedly not his. Daniel.....

And then he was back in his own body, looking down at Rorschach. The riddle complete once more.

Dan's knees almost buckled with relief. At once he noticed various aches and a dull throbbing above his left eye. He didn't want to contemplate how many beatings his poor body has taken under the command of Rorschach's psyche. "My head hurts. What the hell did you do to me?"

"Longer legs, shorter distance to doorways and hanging lamps." Rorschach reached out a hand to steady him. "Why do I smell like women's perfume?"

Dan leaned down to rest their foreheads together. Room spinning, he clung to his partner like a life preserver. A giddy bark of laughter forced its way past his lips. "Perfume? That's just detergent, Rorschach, I washed your clothes. They smelled worse than the sewer."

"Hrm. Strong accusations from a man who wears owl printed boxers under his armor."

So Rorschach had taken off the costume.

"I was," Dan swallowed, "I was so worried about you."

"Unnecessary, of course." Rorschach's words were calm, but his breath shaky. Their foreheads were still melded together.

Dr. Manhattan stood forgotten a few feet away. His abrupt departure, although performed with all the subtlety of an energy burst, went unnoticed.

"Daniel." It was a confused entreaty. Or a warning tinged with vertigo. Dan couldn't tell, didn't want to. He let everything exist in a state of bewildered, heart slamming satisfaction.

And it seemed the most natural thing in the world to slide his hands up Rorschach's tensed shoulders and dip them below the now pristine scarf. It seemed to make perfect sense, the only course of action really, to hook his thumbs under the edge of the mask and gently push it up the middle of a freckled nose. To reveal once more the nondescript mouth and chin that, he had no doubt, would haunt him for months to come. Maybe even years.

To place his lips to Rorschach's, Dan had to lean down further than he had with his last girlfriend. The kiss, however, was far sweeter. One of those exquisite, tentative kisses where lips were fully pressed together yet barely moved. Where the mere act of softly breathing into each other's mouths sizzled with a strange, aching comfort. Dan had only the smallest sliver of control over his own trembling, his once again familiar body alight with a cold fire. He was anchored to reality through Rorschach's mouth and didn’t want to relinquish it. Oh, it was sweet. Being alive and whole was so damn sweet.

When Dan began to nibble on his partner's dry lower lip the peace of the moment vanished. In its place unfurled months of repressed desire, and over twenty-four hours of psychological upheaval. Rorschach huffed something unintelligible and ground himself into Dan, clumsily deepening the kiss. He was hard; Dan could feel it against his thigh. Oh God, Rorschach was hard and they were kissing and he couldn't think straight and it was so, so very good.

Within seconds they were on the couch, Rorschach straddling him as they kissed with the fervor of those terrified that they were dreaming. Dan paused to tear off his cowl and goggles, and although his skin needed to breathe he kept the persona of Nite Owl close at hand. Daniel Dreiberg was too fragile at the moment to make a firm, sane decision about anything.

"Rorschach, God..."

"Daniel, I don't....I don't know-"

"It's okay. You can have this," Dan murmured into the other man's neck as he made short work of the scarf. "You can have this." Oh please.

Purple-gloved hands clawed at his armor in a useless frenzy. Rorschach grew more aggressive with each bruising kiss; his body remembering its pragmatic inclination towards violence and efficiency. For all his personality defects, he was nothing if not passionate. And what was passion, if not anger and love combined?

Dan fumbled with both their clothes, succeeding in stripping them with no small amount of abuse to the fabric. A seam on one of the garments ripped, the noise drowned out by masculine grunts and panting. He left the swirling black and white mask on his partner, allowed him the one article that would save him from being truly exposed.

Uneven teeth assailed each slice of revealed skin. Rorschach bit. Hard. Every desperate snap sent a charged thrill right to the base of Dan's spine, driving him further back into his body, and further out of his mind.

He struggled out of the remainder of his costume and flipped them over. A quick glance down at his own body assured him that Rorschach hadn't done too much damage while inhabiting him. In fact everything seemed to be working far, far better than normal. Rorschach was flushed and shirtless underneath him, clad only in his pinstripe pants. He covered his masked face with his hands as the pants were removed, his aroused state on plain display.

Fingertips glided along freckled skin and taught muscles, searching for confidence in their identities. Dan stretched out over his smaller partner while propping himself up on his elbows. His body was making sense again. It could hold, lift, reach as it should. It was coming back under his control, while Rorschach's seemed to be spinning away. He thrust his hips up towards Dan, silently pleading for the friction and touch that he could never bring himself to ask for. Dan surged against him, finding as much delicious warm skin contact as he possibly could. Rorschach burned, one hand splayed over his masked face while the other clutched at Dan's shoulder.

Dan shifted his weight and took both of them in his large hand. His heart pounded as Rorschach - intimidating, conflicted, straight-laced Rorschach - emitted a legitimate wail when he squeezed their dicks together.

"Oh, yes! No,I- Oh yes....."

And despite all the power and costumes and late night violence and righteous ideals, Dan found himself filled with tenderness for his mysterious friend. He brought his lips to a pointy, covered ear and whispered low.

"So long. I've wanted to touch you this way for so long."

Rorschach muttered something that sounded like "don't stop."

Dan understood. If he stopped the spell would be broken. If given the time to come back to their senses, one or both of them would see what a bad idea this was. If Rorschach stopped operating on dizzy autopilot he was going to throw one of his patented ringing punches. Dan wouldn't, couldn't stop. Instead he leaned over the side of the couch and grabbed his discarded tool belt, continuing to operate on raw emotion and instinct.

When Hollis had insisted on the endless applications of having a simple tube of lotion in your crime-fighting arsenal, sex was never even mentioned. Dan had taken his advice, hoping maybe someday the tube would have more uses than just fixing squeaky parts and chapped hands. He didn't get laid a lot, but he was the fucking Nite Owl and it did pay to be prepared. This, however, was not what he'd had in mind.

And I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Although there had been one adventurous girlfriend, he'd never touched another man like this. They obviously didn't have to fuck. There was a myriad of other ways to purge this desire. Yet Dan's united mind and body needed to be closer. To posses the form he had spent the past day trying to be rid of, now far more enticing once infused with Rorschach's essence. Just make this good for him. He wants it but he's such a mess. Make it good for him...

He poured an overly large dollop of lotion onto his fingers, ignoring how some of it dripped onto the couch. He tipped Rorschach's hips, drawing his scrawny knees upward and paused at the rim of his ass, waiting for silent permission.


"Easy. It's okay." He buried his face in Rorschach's sparse, rust colored chest hair as he worked in his middle finger, hand moving with the utmost care. It's not that different, right? You've done this once with a woman. He curled his finger and gently probed. It didn't take long before his partner let loose with a sharp, desperate groan.

These were the methodical, dexterous hands of Dan Dreiberg after all. The man who built an entirely original aircraft all on his own. He may not have been sure, but he wasn't stopping.

He moved his hand just right once more, eliciting another shaky moan. They built to a slow rhythm; Dan arching his finger while Rorschach trashed his head and made noises completely foreign to both of them. Oh God, this isn't gonna last long if he keeps moaning like that.

Finally impatient, Dan extricated his finger and poured more lotion into his palm, warming it up between his hands. He smeared it all over himself, relishing the glide on his heated body. Abject want and need made him forget about the unpredictable nature of Rorschach's personality as he moved into position, one of Rorschach's thin legs hooked around his side while the other rested against his forearm.

They pressed against each other, all slippery knees and sweat-soaked hands. Dan rocked into him, slow to enter in the hopes of causing minimal pain to both body and mind. After only some minor struggling he was halfway buried in his partner's tight ass, almost panting from the exertion it took to set such a slow pace.

Rorschach's mouth was hanging open beneath the mask, restless inkblots fixing him in an impenetrable stare. So often in the past had he seemed to Dan resolute and controlled in all matters from pleasure to pain. Now that the line had blurred, that the two had come together and bonded, the man who saw in black and white was overwhelmed. A sharp contrast with Dan's past fantasies, where Rorschach was always the one taking him.

The irony was lost as he started again with shallow thrusts. Fuck, Rorschach was so tight and warm and a sense of elation was already building. Every connection in his brain was firing. A bead of sweat tasted like leather and violence as the first luscious hints of ecstasy appeared at the boundary of his senses.

It was too soon, far too soon, but the moment was so intense. Rorschach gritting his teeth and making those sounds, Rorschach watching him through the mask, Rorschach working his way towards completion, and Rorschach....

Dan would remember it for the rest of his days as the most powerful orgasm of his life. Near indescribable exhilaration. For almost ten seconds. Unable to hold himself up anymore, he collapsed shaking on top of his partner.

"Mpf-" Rorschach maneuvered out from under him, roughly shoving Dan onto his side and tucking himself into the larger man's shoulder. He was flushed and panting as Dan took him in through bliss-dazed eyes.

A true friend, Dan would never make him ask for it. Instead he meandered long fingers over Rorschach's straining erection and simply looked for guidance.

"Hey," he spoke with more gentleness than the moment called for, "show me how you like it."

Rorschach's hand clamped over his with unrelenting pressure, far more adamantly than he would have ever gripped himself. Clear fluid leaked onto Dan's fingers, he could see muscles bowstring taut. So close. Sweaty and shamefully wanting as Dan jacked him off on the couch. So fucking close. Just how did you get someone who saw the mere act of surrender as a sin to let go?

"Relax." Make this good for him. He shifted his grip. "Just trust me."

With that, Rorschach let out a fierce moan that ended in a barely whispered "Daniel."

Dan's hand was wet and sticky, heart slamming in his chest as he watched the exquisite climax. He felt simultaneous guilt and victory. So Rorschach could be a sexual being after all. Had he really thought himself immune? The broken man who believed that humans were capable of anything?

The shaking eventually stopped and they lay tangled on the couch. Not speaking. Not bothering to clean up. Dan didn't reassure him. Rorschach didn't let go of his hand.

Dan pulled him closer, recognizing the peaceful moment for what it was. Extremely fleeting. An injured bird that you could hold in your hand and marvel at its uniqueness even if you knew it was going to die.

He didn't know how long they lay there. He only knew it wasn't long enough.

Then reality began to seep through, and the spell really was broken. Rorschach reached for his clothes, affording Dan only one furtive glance. Goddammit.

The mind behind Nite Owl could accommodate an attraction to another man, unfamiliar as it was. The mind behind Rorschach could not.

"You don't....you don't have to go, you know. If you're, um, tired. You're welcome to stay on the couch, or on the cot in the basement." He knew his bed was out of the question.

"Have to go. Check on something at my apartment."

A lame excuse. It appeared that Rorschach was a quick study at this sexual being thing. He was also dressing in record time.

"Rorschach." If you push him, he'll be gone for weeks. Dan couldn't take that thought. Couldn't spend a month worrying about him.

He was hesitating in the doorway now, body language tense from across the room.

"Rorschach, listen, uh..." You're my best friend. "Friday night? Patrol?"

A single nod. "Eight PM. Be dressed and ready."

Wow. Out through the front door. He must really be desperate to get out of here.

From his position naked on the couch Dan could hear the door slam shut. Then a strange jingling. It took him a few seconds to recognize the sound. A key. Turning in a lock.

Sweaty, sated, and still trying to process what had just happened, he could nevertheless feel the edges of his mouth tug into a small smile. Rorschach was using the hidden spare to lock him back in. Possibly the closest thing Dan would ever receive to a caring declaration.

And then his masked partner was truly gone; the sounds in front of the apartment growing further and further away, the echo of his footsteps fading long before the memory of his body.


A/N The relief I feel from finally getting this finished is immense. If you've read this far, thanks!!!!



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May. 21st, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! I have to say the Crimebuster meeting was my favorite part, both Laurie and the Comedian rocked! But yeah, loved the Dan/Ror stuff tons too. Great job :)
May. 25th, 2010 03:07 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this monstrosity! It was fun to write, when I wasn't bogged down with procrastination and writer's block.
May. 21st, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
I was so so so happy to see this was finished! Although I'm now sad that it's finished and there'll be no more. Hmmm, conflict.

I love all the little callbacks you have to the novel. And the functional version of the Crimebusters, especially how Adrian seems to have taken a level in snippiness from spending so much time around Nellie. I love love love the very twisted hotness, and that it's just a one-time overwhelming-moment thing (...maybe), which feels true to these versions of the characters. Excellent stuff all round :D
May. 25th, 2010 03:51 am (UTC)
Thank you so much, I've adored everything that you've posted. I must say that writing Adrian was the most amusing part. He's such a delicious bastard.

It's such a relief to have this finished!!
May. 21st, 2010 10:15 pm (UTC)
EEeeeee, this has been finished! I remember it from the KM and mourned its loss, so I was ecstatic to see this. :D

Echoing the love for all the GN references - that had to have been fun/infuriating to put together! I also very much liked how their personalities started merging a teensy bit, as well as the brief glimpse Dan got of Rorschach's inner "voice" when they switched back. One wonders what Rorschach got from him during that transfer...

And poor repressed Ror, trying to keep things at arm's length again - makes me want to hug/shake him (or better yet, have Dan do it! xD)

Thank you for finishing this and bringing it back. :D

Edited at 2010-05-21 10:16 pm (UTC)
May. 25th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
You rock, thank you. I mourned its loss as well, but I lost steam w/it and got sucked into another fandom.

It was really, really fun to work in stuff from the GN. I just scanned through it and things kept jumping out at me. I had to cut some stuff, lest it become more unwieldy than it already was. I thought it would be fun to really get into the whole body vs. psyche switch idea and meld whatever I could from the original story.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read. Sorry it took so long!
May. 21st, 2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, body swap -- that’s a clever prompt with so many devastatingly sexy possibilities. I read chapter 1 at lunch, and the anticipation of what would come next kept me going all afternoon. Thanks for so much entertainment; it was a fun read. All the little instances of humor were just great -- (And do I detect a wee bit of “I’m Bruce Wayne and I always have lube”????)

As usual, your sex-writing skills rocked my world. Dan!Schach in the shower is almost blasphemously hot. And their first kiss was just so beautifully described. Welllll done :)

By the way - happy birthday! How nice of you to give US a present!
May. 25th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
Part of my "new decade of personal power and just general awesomeness" is to not procrastinate so damn much. So it was also a present to myself!

Heh, thank you so much! Glad it could keep you going on a workday. A little entertainment via lulz was the goal.

And I think you detect more than just a wee bit of "I'm BW......" ;)
May. 22nd, 2010 09:39 am (UTC)
This is a treat! I read this in the KM too, and so happy I didn't have to wait as long as people who read it when it was
The GN moments were used so well, just that slight twist to highlight the difference :)


tailor!schach always gets me hahah
SHOWER SCENE, Dan getting off on Ror's voice
snark about boxers XD
But there were many other moments...

Oh, in case you wanted to stick it in, here's the link: http://spam-monster.livejournal.com/2617.html?thread=4470585#t4470585
May. 25th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
Re: linky
Oh, awesome. Thanks! I should totally put it in its rightful place at the KM. I'd gotten out of the habit of going there a while ago and didn't have the most current link. Thanks for saving me from having to look for it.

And thanks for taking the time to read! I greatly enjoy tailor!schach as well. ;)
Jun. 24th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
A businessman who wears eyeliner?

Don't scoff, Daniel, Ozy does it too...

Another lie. Dan felt terrible. He was racking up a lot of moral failings

True, true, but not getting beaten to death by your partner is the better part of valor...

I like how a lingering thought was left in the brain when they switched bodies. That's a really cool idea.

I'm a little disturbed that Dan defines passion as anger and love mixed. I would've thought desire and love mixed, but Dan's not quite like other people...

"Oh, yes! No,I- Oh yes....."

Ha ha, oh Rorschach. You're so... you. Conflicted, that's the word.

It's good that Rorschach took the key. Now they're going steady.
Jul. 26th, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
Hey tharrr,

You left me all these amazing comments on this story over a month ago and I've been on vacation and dealing w/personal b.s. so I'm behind on all things LJ. You rock so hard for leaving me such nice, descriptive notes.

Heh, first off, I'm glad you liked all the tailor!schach in the beginning. It was great fun to write. This story started off so fun and easy and turned into the writer's block from hell. (And I, as well, enjoy hints at the villains interacting off screen.)

This scene was really effective, kind of magical-realism. I liked that the mask blobs started going faster.

Wow, thanks. That's kinda what I was going for, that dreamy-yet-hyper-real thing that starts happening when one's perceptions are shattered.

I liked the idea of their bodies retaining some of their responses as well. A fleeting consciousness that exists apart from the mind's identity. Bodies remember, minds become muddled and mixed. I got all metaphysical, and then ended w/porn. Oops!

I'm a little disturbed that Dan defines passion as anger and love mixed. I would've thought desire and love mixed, but Dan's not quite like other people...

No, he's not, but then again you may be right. Heh, I was really desperate to finish this story, so there may have been a little over-exuberant melodrama at the end!

Anyway, so glad you liked some of the ideas I tried to introduce, as well as taking the cracky ridiculousness in stride. You rock. Thanks!
Jul. 26th, 2010 07:30 pm (UTC)
Hey there! It's cool to get this reminder of the past. You made me start thinking about Watchmen again!
Jul. 6th, 2010 10:13 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for finishing. I remember reading the first parts on the kinkmeme but then I lost track.
Jul. 26th, 2010 02:26 am (UTC)
Vielen dank. Ich hatte Probleme mit dem Ende aber endlich war es klar. Ich hasse unfertigen Geschichten!
Jul. 28th, 2010 02:03 pm (UTC)
Dein Deutsch ist wirklich gut. Wie lange lernst du schon?
Aug. 1st, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
Ich lerne seit ungefähr 18 Monaten. Mein Fortschritt ist langsam weil ich keinen Lehrer habe und keinen Deutschen Muttersprachler kenne. Ich studiere allein mit lesend und zuhörend. Mein neuer Ziel beginnt diese Woche. Ich hoffe jeden Tag für zwei Stunden Deutsch zu studieren. (Hoffentlich! Leider habe ich nicht viel Zeit.)

Ich liebe die Deutsche Sprache. Die unterhaltsame Wörter. Die interessante Idees. Die faszinierende Bücher und Musik (Hesse, Nietzsche, Goethe, Angizia, KMFDM (warum nicht?) und natürlich Einsturzende Neubauten). Ich möchte sehr gern die Sprache besser sprechen.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
Was für Materialien benutzt du? Siehst du dir deutsche Filme an oder hast du eine spezielle Lernsoftware?

Mein neuer Ziel beginnt diese Woche. Dein neuer Kurs (lecture/lesson?) beginnt diese Woche?
Aug. 5th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
Ich wünsche, dass ich spezielle Lernsoftware habe. I habe mit Pimsleur CDs begonnen. Jetzt studiere ich mit Deutschkurse von Deutsche Welle, Podcasts, und alles finde ich im Internet. Kannst du gute deutsche Filme empfehlen?

Dein neuer Kurs (lecture/lesson?) beginnt diese Woche?

Na ja....(but I'm kind of just making my own lesson plan as I go along!)
Aug. 15th, 2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
Goodbye Lenin (great movie), Lola rennt (haven't seen that one for ages), Nirgendwo in Afrika, Sommersturm (coming out story).

Diese Filme waren kommerziell erfolgreich (und gut!), also hoffe ich, dass du sie leicht findest.

There is the youtube edition of a gay soap romance here. In Deutsch mit deutschen Untertiteln.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm going to check those out. It's very much appreciated. You rock. Vielen dank!!
Sep. 30th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
I can't believe I haven't commented on this before...
Delicious. Very, very delicious. I love the build up, Dan's ... explorations in the shower, Rorschach somehow discovering Dan's owl boxers even though you KNOW he wasn't going to take a shower (heheh, maybe Dan wasn't the only one exploring?). So, basically. This is awesome and there needs to be more. Seriously, I have a fever and the only cure is more Dan/Ror. XD Keep writing!
Oct. 6th, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
Re: I can't believe I haven't commented on this before...
Oh you know Dan wasn't the only one exploring!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This story took me sooooo long to finally complete and by then I felt like I had no left in me to write for Watchmen. Still love reading it, but my obsessions certainly wax and wane. I've been wanting to catch myself up on the kinkmeme again. Perhaps inspiration will find me there!
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